in the tracking step, we collect data about point of sales' performance, salesforce activity and customers' behavior through the use of digital tools and innovative algorithms





in-store activities analysis

using our specific applications, we are able to track rack jobbers'

in-store activities and analyze the data that have been collected

this solution is about reporting, validating and tracking in-store visits, checking if their duration and accuracy have been correctly observed

planogram compliance, OOS & OSA

planogram compliance

another component of tracking tools is also used to check correspondence between merchandising exposition on shelf and  planogram definition

it is also possible to track if there is out of stock of some products or if the optimal shelf availability has been reached

promotion effectiveness analysis

promotion effectiveness analysis

other tracking tools include platforms used to analyze if promotions implemented in store have been effective over a long term



measuring different variables enables to extract insights to adjust promotional strategies  and make them extremely effective and successful 

assortment definition & spaces optimization

customer relationship

data-driven customer interaction

data-driven customer interaction

the tracking of consumers' activities let our clients gather data about their customers' behavior and journey, both online and in store


these data are also valuable to interact with consumers themselves, knowing better their interests or expectations

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