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exero advisory service

market research

we provide market research on every market variable, such as shares, trends, customer satisfaction and brand awareness.

we use primary data obtained by observations, interview, focus group, mystery shopping, surveys, etc. or we use secondary data.

then, after the analysis we create a report based on customer’s needs.



we use a rapid prototyping method to develop any kind of mock-up and to give a first idea of what will be the final product, allowing us to make corrections and changes in a simple way.

this operational approach enables us to follow our mantra of customer co-creation, it means that we develop the solution side by side with the clients, by following their desires.

design thinking workshop

design thinking is a creative problem solving method: instead of having a traditional approach, it encourages to explore new alternatives and solutions that have not existed before.

thanks to our workshops we help clients to understand their needs and their pain points, in order to develop new strategies.

feasibility assessment

we identify strengths and weaknesses of the project, then we compare them with opportunities and threats of the environment.

later, we judge the feasibility of projects calculating costs and the value to be generated, providing a view about the main points we found.


marketing content

we create marketing content tailored on customer needs, by focusing on the graphical elements thanks to our designers’ support.

our skills allow us to work on different channels, from the traditional ones to the social media, always paying attention to emerging trends.



we lead our clients in their business growth through each step: definition of value proposition, partner research, company incorporation and business development.

furthermore, our design thinking workshops are really useful for this purpose.

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