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Computer Vision technology_Argo Vision

December 20, 2017


computer vision technology has captured the attention of diverse industries during the past few years, and several are its applications across key areas. meanwhile, consumer enthusiasm for computer vision-based applications continue to grow, significant are the investments in this technology development. according to a new report from Tractica, the global market for computer vision hardware and software will increase from $6.6 billion in 2015 to $48.6 billion annually by 2022, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 32.9%.


as already mentioned above, the field of computer vision may be better understood by considering different types of applications. we will briefly present some of them through the current product portfolio -based on computer vision- of one of our partners, ARGO Vision.


from the beginning of 2017 exero collaborates with ARGO Vision, innovative start up, whose mission is to bring computer vision to the real world, by designing and providing solutions for industry and digital. the computer vision industry requires a high level of technical understanding to create software that collects and interprets visual data; in this sense one of the greatest strength of ARGO Vision is its solid scientific background, a widespread academic network and a daily research activity which allow them to develop proprietary source code and brand new designed hardware.


ARGO Vision empowers the business of a dozen companies worldwide (USA, Sweden, Italy) in many markets (virtual / mixed reality, video analysis, deep learning data analysis, etc.) and its portfolio includes three full products as well:


1.cyclopEye - the parking solution in partnership with AGLA Elettronica

2.jupitAR - the augmented reality app for retail

3.mercury – the real-time quality control system for manufacturing.


cyclopEye guides customers searching for parking, to the closest available parking slot and allow parking managers to monitor the state of a parking, through detailed analytics. in the prospective of revolutionizing the city of future Argo Vision, by applying Computer Vision and machine learning, is able to provide information about entrance monitoring, vehicles category, model classification, parking violations and even find-your-car. an assessment of the parking, reporting, maintenance and planning is given through analysis of data. at the heart of this technology there is a highly accurate computer vision algorithm based on a neural framework. several are the advantages: each single camera can monitor 6 parking slots and it is easy to find, install and remove as well. the low power consumption and a low price for a single device, offer high degree of reliability and customization which lead to a better customer and city experience. such a solution is an excellent example of how CV can provide a cost-effective way of monitoring all the elements, incomes and problematics.


with JupitAR, computer vision is concerned with the automatic extraction, analysis and understanding of data from a single image or a sequence of images. it involves the development of a specific algorithm to achieve visual understanding. this is because “devices are starting to shift the focus from what we see and do with our devices, to what the devices see and do for us”. devices could localize and recognize specific items, in our case a photocamera Canon. once the item has been discovered the application can guide the user into an experience in both augmented and virtual reality; contents -about photocamera Canon compatible accessories- pop out on the screen and track item’ movement by moving along with it. accessories like lens hood, photography filters and long lenses, magically appeared on the real product, correlated with a detailed description of each product/accessory’s characteristics. this process provides information that are often translated into a strategic business decision because they show insight of customers behavior in a store.


in the direction of industrial automation and integration, ARGO Vision is showing a big potential. tasks that were usually be done by the human workers, are now more efficient and effectiveness via computer vision. in the specific case of ARGO Vision, automated quality inspection and process control are applied to the manufacturing system. by deploying a smart camera and LED lights, that are positioned along the production chain, mercury is able to monitor on the manufacturing process, give real-time information, as well as build detailed report that might improve customer experience. mercury acquires and process a continuous stream of images while computer vision system scans items for defects and provides control signals in order to remove defective parts automatically. this would allow you to have a complete control over the process and avoid employees checking quality of their work manually.


as you see, the potentialities of computer vision are endless. now it is up to you. we, as Exero, have the pleasure to work within the work of innovative solutions and we encourage everyone in investing in there. this is the future, do not wait more.  


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