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Carrefour Tech 2017

October 30, 2017


last week, October 17th - 18th- 19th-20th Exero, thanks to its partnership with Executive Spa, had the pleasure to attend “Carrefour Tech 2017” event about consumer electronics which took place at Sheraton Convention Center in Milan, together with other 53 vendors stand and 244 Italian Carrefour sales personnel.



there, we had the opportunity to present part of our innovative solutions for retail while visitors could watch closely a great array of technologies which will be launched on the market in the near future. if you could not join the convention personally, please do not miss this article that will provide you with all the information regarding our stand. before starting I would like to highlight that exero has been the app developer of the official event Carrefour Tech 2017. based on two main concepts: immediacy achieved through a scan of QR code system and engagement, where gamification (in terms of trophies, badges and points) were used to engage visitors and exhibitors staying focused on the purpose of the event. in this direction, we can say an excellent result has been reached, where everyone seemed interested, involved and gave us positive feedbacks.



exero stand, set up with part of our innovative solutions could offer a unique and personalized shopping experience to visitors. Indeed, our aim is to provide technologies which might improve customers experience and simultaneously simplify, through a data analysis and interpretation, sales personnel job.



our formative sessions, were used to start with a brief explanation of sole sensors created by Scanalytics. Inc. (https://www.scanalyticsinc.com/)   which enable to seamlessly monitor and track foot traffic in the store. this technology can provide you with tangible data about how people move within the store by differentiating between a simply passage or a real engagement. by using this data, it is furthermore possible to optimize the space and to predict and control the traffic flow during the day. in conclusion, this allows not only to better manage the point of sale but also to make better informed decisions regarding customer behavior.



soon after, the visitors jumped into the augmented reality world, in two different applications. the first, developed in collaboration with ARGO Vision – company specialized in developing artificial intelligence solutions (http://www.argo.vision) - is able to localize and recognize in real time objects through proprietary technologies based on neural nets.

by means of digital devices (tablet, smartphone, smart-glasses), the customer focuses the item he/she is interested in, and the installed application recognizes in real time the object providing information in mixed reality (digital information linked to the real item; there is an overlapping between real and virtual world).

in the version presented at Carrefour event, our device could localize and recognize our photocamera Canon by showing the main accessories compatible with that specific model of photocamera. accessories like lens hood, photography filters and long lenses, magically appeared on the real product, correlated with a detailed description of each product/accessory’s characteristics.


thus the purchasing experience becomes interactive, personalized and aimed at guiding customer’s decision making process, the attention of customers is totally on the product.


the second application, instead, available on specific digital device, turns the environment around you into a digital interface by placing virtual objects in the real world, in real-time. inside a room, carefully mapped, a consumer can easily customize an item based on his/her preferences, by utilizing a great variety of components presented in the virtual store. a great advantage for high-tailored and innovative contents.


always in terms of customer experience, the demo app “ink cartridge manager”, developed in- house by ourselves, allows, once you insert the specific model of your printer and the point of sales where you are, to display the compatible ink cartridge and to easily find the item selected on the shelf thanks to a mechanism which allow the equivalent smart tag (electronic labeling systems developed by ses imagotag) to be lighted up.



by doing so the customer is not only guided inside the point of sale but also get guided step by step toward the product he/she is looking for, more enjoyable and efficient. this technology might be associated with the indoor positioning applied to customer experience through the visible lights communications (VLC). with VLC, each fixture sends its own unique identifier to a shopper’s smartphone, allowing the system to accurately pinpoint the shopper’s location in the store. it is, basically, the google maps for customers.


last, but not least, we gave our visitors the opportunity to test a real supermarket within a virtual world, which does not really exist, developed by our partner invrsion https://invrsion.com/

through computers and sensory equipment, our visitors experienced the possibility to interact with the products on the shelf by taking and placing them in the shopping cart like being literally roaming by the store.



however, given the high price of this technology for consumers, we are directly investing to utilize it as an natural extension of the planograms in order to let the category manager have a complete view about the allocation of items in the store.


through this journey within the Exero world, we hope to have spread to all visitors, the importance of the use of technology and innovation in the retail sector and how this, if used in a clever way, can improve the shopping experience of consumer and the awareness of brands and retailers of what happens inside the point of sale.


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October 30, 2017

October 30, 2017

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