in the planning step, we design together with our clients the best solutions to meet their customers' needs by using innovative tools and a design thinking process


exero pic management

exero pic

this service can create a digital catalogue of our clients' products. 

it includes products photos and files for its 360 degrees view

our image recognition algorithms can also read automatically all the digitized packaging texts and rank them following products sheets and guidelines

assortment definition tools

demand index

through category management guildelines we support our clients in their decisions for assortment creation, clustering and analytics

these digitalized and innovative tools, such as demand index, can help define the right assortment to reach a better sales performance

planogram building platform


this digital platform can create planograms in real size, being supported by the integration of data associated to point of sales' layout

it is possible to ensure the correct placement of products, in order to optimize merchandising strategy and increase sales performance

assortment definition & spaces optimization

customer relationship

design thinking process

design thinking

design thinking is a creative problem-solving method that we use to generate ideas for retail innovation to improve the relationship with consumers


we help our clients find the best solutions to renew their business and to meet their customers' needs and expectations


do you work in healthcare industry?

take a look at exero solutions for pharma