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aisle411 is a trusted indoor location services platform for global leading retailers and venue owners, offering value to the facilities management, digital, marketing and loyalty teams. aisle411 ranked #2 globally for Indoor location, analytics and advertising. they have deployed their solution in over 14,000 venues across retail, office, airports, conferences and more. 



executive is a leading ICT wholesaler in Italy with strong specialization in the management of consumer products and accessories . it offers a large array of services such as analytics, CRP, planogram maintenance and more. more than 150 rack jobbers are emplyed to support customers needs. more than 30 retail brands collaborate with executive and, it serves over 2000 stores all over italy. 


scanalytics is one of the ten fastest growing "internet of things company". through their intelligent sole sensors and device-agnostic predictive analytics platform, it is able to measure accurately foot traffic, translating it into actionable and valuable data. founded in 2012, it has already collected 80 millions impressions proving it enormous potentiality.

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