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augmented reality

augmented reality turns the environment around you into a digital interface by placing virtual objects in the real world, in real-time.

this kind of technology is able to link the real world with the simulated one; it also differs from virtual reality, which and has no direct correlation with the physical environment the user inhabits.

it grants the possibility to offer a unique and engaging purchasing experience, guiding the attention of customers towards innovative products, and increasing the overall conversion rate.

it opens a new field in the area of marketing by enabling ‘custom’ content creation by simplifing decision making through virtual prototyping and visualization of content. this aspect not only helps delivering experiential marketing to customers, but also allows building a strong brand differentiation; enhancing current business processes and providing business innovation.

rack jobbing

rack jobbers create a costant connection between the buyer and the different point of sales.

their task consists on going to the different points of sales in order to monitor shelf displays both before and after the loading of items. they are able to give a real time perspective of the products that are shown in the pos by quantity and positioning. rack jobbers are trained through agencies or during custom meetings.

all gathered data and photographs are then analyzed in order to secure that tasks have been completed successfully. our internal servers outline the pain points arising inside stores, either as warning tickets given directly by the rack jobbers, or in terms of the quality of individual displays.


sales force automation apps

we develop sales force automation apps in order to cater to a wide variety of demands.  we offer the possibility to choose a custom version developed specifically for your needs.


this kind of apps automates business tasks such as sales processing, category management and tracking of customer interactions, as well as analyzing sales forecasts and performance.

the platforms enable companies to be in touch with their sales network anytime, anywhere,  in order to overcome any difficulty that may arise.


we also have the possibility to add gamification elements in order to engage workers and motivate them.



indoor location

it tracks customers’ in-store journeys, and makes consumers aware of sales and promotions tailored to their shopper profile and purchasing habits via mobile push notifications making the purchase more efficient and satisfying. shoppers choose products they need from a shopping list and get guided step by step to the exact location they are looking for.

overcome the lack of trust inherent to generic advertising, and are able to make more informed purchasing decisions. additionally, it allows for a two-way marketing dialogue between products and consumers, increasing the efficiency by making the message both timely and relevant

it also enables retailers to assess in-store traffic patterns and dwell times in order to make marketing and merchandising strategies with these informations.

virtual reality

virtual reality enables people to experiment a virtual world that does not really exist, through computers and sensory equipment, like headsets and gloves. it differs from augmented reality because it creates a new world instead of placing virtual object in the real one.

this technology is very interactive, you can actually move within the VR world; computers adjust the experience in real time accordingly to your movements, in order to make the experience completely believable.

we offer the possibility to experience the retail space through virtual reality. it will be possible to interact with the objects on the shelf by taking and placing them in the cart it like we are literally roaming by the store.
this technology can be considered as an extension of the planograms in order to have a complete view of the allocation of items in the store.



sometimes consumers prefer not to buy innovative products because it is not easy for them to understand how they work and what the real benefits are. using this technology consumers gain a deeper knowledge with regards to the product offering, able to make more informed purchases, and are encouraged to consider new products.

it enables users to acquire a thorough understanding of the use and technology behind different products, helping overcome the chasm inherent to purchasing highly innovative products. in addition to educating clients, powerbox significally enhances cross-selling opportunities. 

in this way brands and retailers have the possibility to positively impact overall customer satisfaction, increase sales and educate consumers on the most innovative products.

sole sensors

sole sensors enable to seamlessly monitor foot traffic in the store.

this technology can provide you with tangible data about how people move within the store, the duration of standing and the conversion rate.

by using this data, it will be possible to optimize the space and to predict the traffic flow during the day, in order to understand peak hours and control them.

the data retrieved allows to make better informed decisions regarding customer behavior, for example it will be possible to test a new product display strategy and see how it impacts in-store traffic.

sole sensors can be used in museums, logistics, airports and offices as well.


convention app

we have an app for a convention with gamification elements.

the main aim of the event was a training day in which new products and technologies adopted were explained in detail to employees. we used gamification to engage participation staying focused on the purpose of the event.


our app was structured like a game with points, badges and leaderboard. points would have been helped players to see their own progress; badges and leaderboard increased competition in order to bring out the very best of the participants.

in addition we offer the possibility to customize our app by different necessities in order to best fit your needs.

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