in the governance step, we help our clients follow the best direction for innovation by leveraging insights extracted from the large amount of data collected and analyzed


channel governance platform

channel governance platform

thanks to this digital platform, we assist our clients in supervising their channels starting from normalization, integration and analysis of data along the supply chain


the insights extracted are effective to get a full oversight on channels, necessary for directing future business decisions


governance platform

market governance platform

this platform can combine data made available by producers and retailers to realize a complete data flow integration and have a view on market share



This can be accomplished by visiting point of sales and comparing competitors’ products and spaces to theirs


governance platform

store governance platform

using this platform it is possible to govern store spaces. thus, retailers can implement a full overview of stores by using and integrating data collected from tracking tools

they can start from themvelves to evaluate every point of sale’s performance and try to improve it

assortment definition & spaces optimization

customer relationship

touchpoint integration platform

touchpoint integration platform


it is possible to evaluate the relationship with consumers through a platform that integrates each touchpoint used to have contacts with them


it is therefore possible to thoroughly interact with consumers by combining all these technological operations


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