in the execution step, we ensure the correct implementation of strategies through data-driven merchandising applications, continuous replenishment programs and other in-store solutions





extract transform load

our algorithms for data extraction, transformation and loading let us integrate data flows in our clients' information systems


it is also possible to find some inefficiencies and correct them. extracting and integrating data is necessary to implement solutions

continuous replenishment program

CRP platform

this program's algorithm create automatic orders from assortment rules, transactional data and key factors for stock management


the continuous replanishment program is valuable because its customized algorithm lets retailers optimize their stock

data-driven merchandising


data-driven merchandising app

this technology is intended to verify the correct in-store implementation of previously defined strategies


this type of mobile apps can guide and track users' in-store activites such as inventory, planogram compliance and returns management

assortment definition & spaces optimization

customer relationship

customer interaction technologies

customer interaction technologies

these are a series of technologies implemented with the primary intent to take a full perspective on customer relationship

this condition is achievable through digital tools such as mobile apps, automatic refill and a digital assistant service

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